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The road to reconciliation that is based on the 20th – century history is shown only to those who have reconciled with their own past.

Shared Narrative is one of the possible directions to reconciliation that requires each participant to leave behind one’s own biases and prejudices.

Taking this path means going toward the past from which we can learn something for our future.

PhD. Darko Gavrilovic,
Director of CHDR

Background ideas

From the beginning of the 20th century, the process of modernization of the societies in the Western and mid Balkans (i.e, ex – Yugoslav countries) was focused on the state. At the same time, civil society was forgotten. This continuing lack of civil society in the region requires the urgent initiation of projects that will change the current post-conflict situation. During the 20th century, the peoples of the former Yugoslavia survived two world wars that both divided and united them, and were characterized by war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing. They shared a common history in two Yugoslav states which ended in fragmentation and the creation of new national states. Unfortunately, the most enduring and bloody of the ethnic crises at the end of the 20th century in Europe occurred in Yugoslavia, where in 1991 festering differences once again resulted in war, barbarity, hatred, fear and rampant chauvinism.

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Salzburg meeting for the Scholars Initiative and Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation

On July, 2007, in Salzburg’s historic Schloss Leopoldskron, scholars from region of ex – Yugoslavia and representatives of the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR) met to discuss strategies and goals for the future development of this academic collaboration.

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Steering Committee
The Steering Committee will coordinate all aspects of work inside and outside of the project. We will be in contact with other members of the project and lead their work. The members of the Steering Committee will be in touch with all participants by phone, e-mail and fax. The Steering Committee will also serve as the supervising editors for the texts published by the Journal of CHDR. They have to give remarks and to help writers to improve their texts.

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Nacije, države i dijaspora na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije
Suočavanje sa prošlošću – put ka budućnosti; Istorija Jugoslavije u dvadesetom veku
Hrvatsko – srpski odnosi; Politička saradnja i nacionalne manjine


Održana promocija u Institutu za savremenu istoriju u Beogradu
IHJR-CHDR announces: Young Scholars’ Competition
Međunarodni naučni skup u Sremskoj Kamenici najavljen na sajtu Izvršnog Veća AP Vojvodine